The 12-week program

Creating sustainable growth by the 12-week program!

With the offer “The 12-week program”, you receive the holistic core service of systemic management consulting. It provides the most essential contribution to fulfilling the mission of your value-oriented enterprise. In a holistic approach we work over 12 day’s work appointments (within 12 weeks or individually adapted to the process) on your topics.

Naturweg mit grünen Bäumen als Metapher für Kontakt, Das 12-Wochen-Programm, Entwicklung, Fortschritt, Bewegung, Natur, Wohlfühlen, Mitgefühl

The 12-week program

What awaits you in the regular process monitoring? The topics of Leadership, health, knowledge and competencies are usually exciting fields of learning. We have a special focus on Human Ressources Management while paying attention to process monitoring. With mindfulness and expertise, the free business economist of MINDFUL BWL® guide your organisation safely to the jointly defined goal.

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