About us

You can read about us – MINDFUL BWL® – at this point. We are a management consultancy for the value-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Berlin.

The free business economists and coaches of MINDFUL BWL® work systemically, i.e they deal with the circular interactions in the system. Moreover, they create spaces for the creative development of ideas. In addition, MINDFUL BWL® makes substantial contributions with expertise wherever you wish.

Our conviction

The connection between humanity and economy is the basis of a healthy work system.

A healthy work system is the basis of innovative ability to transform and act.

Innovative ability to transform and act is the basis for growth and economic success.

Our values

Humanity & Trust

Freedom & Creativity

Reliability & Expertise


Glühbirne mit heranwachsender Pflanze in fruchtbarem Boden als Metapher für unsere Mission, über uns, Energie, Wärme, Kreativität, Ideenreichtum, Mitgefühl, Frank Eckhoff
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How can we help you?


About us – the concept of MINDFUL BWL®

We analyze the interhuman and economic aspects of value-oriented medium-sized companies across all contexts.

Innovative dialogue is initiated in dialogue with key stakeholders. The participants agree on a common direction.

We use, promote and convey knowledge about modern work systems. Self-directed groups take responsibility.

In which direction do you want to go?

What goal do you have in mind?


We look forward to sharing with you.

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