12-week program – designing new work

Creating sustainable growth by the 12-week program!

What is the suitable process steering about? What exactly is meant by the 12-week program?

With the “The 12-week program” you receive holistic and systemic management consulting. Because it makes the most essential contribution to fulfilling your mission. Hence, we work in a holistic approach over 12 daily appointments (within 12 weeks or individually adapted to the process) on your topics.

Our process steering is participation-oriented, which means that the employees participate right from the start. Moreover, they develop suitable solutions for the company. Therefore to do this, it is important to clarify the often unspoken assumptions at the beginning. Furthermore, we also agree on common values and goals. In addition, we mark the limits of what the process can achieve. This happens in a way that is as comprehensible as possible for everyone involved.

Naturweg mit grünen Bäumen als Metapher für Kontakt, Das 12-Wochen-Programm, Entwicklung, Fortschritt, Bewegung, Natur, Wohlfühlen, Mitgefühl

The 12-week program

Which topics or learning fields are possible subjects in the process? Do we need a common goal?

Because knowledge and skills are usually exciting learning areas, there is a great need and benefit here. In addition, human resource management is guaranteed to receive special attention. Furthermore, the free business economists from MINDFUL BWL® will guide your organisation safely. This happens on the basis of mindfulness and expertise by jointly defined goals.

A successful 12-week program in practice

How does a company get safely through unforeseen crises like the coronavirus pandemic? What are the specific advantages of process steering?

The process steering supported by grants “companyValue: human” and “companyValue: human plus” make an important contribution to deal with crises. This process is bringing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through unforeseen crises such as the coronavirus pandemic more safely. Because the two key points – modern human resource management and digitalisation – are relevant, companies position themselves for the future. As a result, the company acquires valuable knowledge, which it benefits from facing new challenges at any time.

Therefore a practical example of a restaurant shows the advantages of an introduction of digital technology. This real company tackled the topic of digitalisation in good time in the “companyValue: human plus” program. As a result, it is now helpful for customers to reserve a table online. In addition, the processes in the kitchen are much more efficient thanks to digital technology. For example, the service team now transmits orders to the kitchen team on a screen. Otherwise they would have to deal with receipts. In consequence, it helps to cater for more guests in the evening.

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