About us free business economists

You can read about us – MINDFUL BWL® – at this point. We are a management consultancy for the value-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Berlin.

The free business economists and coaches of MINDFUL BWL® work systemically, i.e they deal with the circular interactions in the system. Moreover, they create spaces for the creative development of ideas. In addition, MINDFUL BWL® makes substantial contributions with expertise wherever you wish.

Our conviction

How do we interpret our role? How do we think of ourselves as business economists & coaches?

The connection between humanity and economy is the basis of a healthy work system.

A healthy work system is the basis of innovative ability to transform and act.

Innovative ability to transform and act is the basis for growth and economic success.

Our values

Which values give us orientation in our daily activities?

Humanity & Trust

Freedom & Creativity

Reliability & Expertise

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How can we help you?

About us – the concept of MINDFUL BWL®

What is special about us and our concept? What do you need to know about us business economists and how do we basically proceed?

We analyse the interhuman and economic aspects of value-oriented medium-sized companies across all contexts.

Innovative dialogue is initiated in dialogue with key stakeholders. The participants agree on a common direction.

We use, promote and convey knowledge about modern work systems. Self-directed groups take responsibility.

In which direction do you want to go?

What goal do you have in mind?

We look forward to sharing with you.

Career in systemic management consulting

About us – what requirements do we place on young talents? What personal development can you expect?

We are looking for young talents, because the world needs change. On the one hand, you have completed a business degree or are on your way there. Moreover, you practice mindfulness, which means, you bring back yourself to the here and now regularly. This includes the conscious perception of reality and the reflection of what has been experienced. In addition, you have an additional qualification as a coach, moderator or in (non-vilolent) communication.

With us you can develop your potential, because we act according to the principle “Good enough for now, save enough to try”. In addition, you choose independently what your first steps are. You will also receive regular feedback and collegial support. In addition, the business infrastructure of MINDFUL BWL® helps you to make a meaningful contribution. Hence, you reward yourself by experience of personal successes.

If you enjoy working on and in an organisation, then your engagement is worthwhile. In addition, the living and dynamic force works in our system. Because you carry out your own (partial) projects, you will grow into the position of a free, responsible business economist. Interested?

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