Crowdfunding – financing directly and quickly

Crowdfunding is a real alternative to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Nevertheless, it requires a completely different approach: the campaign.

Crowdfunding for small an medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

How can you implement your projects directly and quickly? Where do you get advice on the optimal possibilities of crowdfunding, so that you can realize your future projects immediately?

The form in which you design your campaign depends on what you are exactly aiming for. In addition, simultaneously fueling your marketing goals is feasible.

Therefore, we are happy to assist you in the preparation and implementation of a professional campaign. What’s more, we will lead you to the desired success.

Start a campaign.

The four types of crowdfunding on platforms

Donation-based funding

This digital source of finance gives the lender a good conscience. Because he has donated money for a good cause. For example, over 40,000 projects advertise project funds at Germany’s largest donation platform for the social sector – transaction costs 2.5% of the donation amount.

Reward-based funding

In this form of digital financing, the initiator distributes (non-material) premiums to the funders, i.e. first products, special conditions or special events only for the sponsors. At the same time, of course, sponsors also want to find out how the creative idea of ​​the initiator develops – which is very valuable for the marketing of the company. Therefore, founders, inventors and creatives use e.g. Although the transaction costs average 4% of the funding, plus a (voluntary) commission of 3% on average, this financing platform – with more than 12,000 successful projects – is probably the largest digital funding platform in the DACH region.

Lending-based funding

It’s basically a repayable micro-loan. Moreover, the origin of the money – without the involvement of traditional financial intermediaries – of many private lenders for the marketing of importance. On the one hand, the emotional connection to the financed project can increase sales. On the other hand, it can lead to increased communication effort with many stakeholders. As a result, platforms such as LeihDeinerUmweltGeld (> 60 projects), Companisto (> 180 financing rounds) or seedmatch (> 145 financing rounds) mainly offer credit-based funding – transaction costs 5 – 10% of the amount found.

Equity-based funding

Such a digital source of finance can compensate for lack of equity. Because the lenders are liable with micro-investments, they are fundamentally involved in the success of the company. Partly designed as partiary subordinated loan, they carry high risk. Therefore, the company usually informs the many small investors about the state of affairs every six months.

A non-binding financing request, in contrast to a request at the house bank, submitted online within a few minutes. Here you are – invesdor financing application. The European-wide invesdor platform (> 500 projects) has been able to refer to quite a lot fully repaid projects since its founding in 2012 so far.

Start a campaign and make your financiers your customers.