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New Work symbolisiert durch einen Seevogel, der sich von einer Kette löst: Agilität, Empowerment oder Holokratie. New Work symbolizes a seabird that breaks free from a chain: agility, empowerment or holocracy.

New Work – Agility, Empowerment or Holocracy?

New Work is the answer to many challenges of tomorrow’s working world How do we want to work in tomorrow’s digital world? How can we keep up with an ever increasing dynamic of change? New Work shapes tomorrow’s working world according to new principles, which open spaces for mindful and effective collaboration. So, in the future, think outside of rigid organisational diagram and silos. Instead, we implement agile and project-based forms of organisation, e.g. holocracy or sociocracy. Such forms of cooperation organise work, not people. At the same time, they distribute authority and use e.g. collective intelligence of communities. This will make tomorrow’s working world more democratic, more human and, in many ways, more adaptable. In order to let something[…]

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Fischschwarm als Metapher für systemische Selbstorganisation, lebendige und dynamische Kraft von Systemen, lebendigen Systemen, neue Perspektiven, Wahlmöglichkeiten, Mindful-bwl, systemic, vibrant systems

Vibrant systems open new perspectives

What is the nature of vibrant systems? Does every action in the system have an impact? What are biological or social systems? The essence of vibrant systems is that they consist of several separate parts, all linked together and in a purposeful relationship. Moreover, within the system, there are constant actions, reactions, and interactions between parts that are mutually dependent. The contributions of each part are essential to keep the system alive and functional. An approach in practice: you mix yeast, flour, water and salt. The result is a bread that is similar to none of the ingredients, although it consists of them. Even the smallest ingredients – yeast or salt – are essential to the bread. There are also[…]

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Appreciation in your professional life

What makes this concept so useful for your professional life? The concept of the four languages ​​of appreciation in everyday working life reveals a possibility to make professional relationships more prosperous. Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions? “Do I still feel comfortable with what I do here every day?” “Is my performance adequately valued?” “Am I in the right place with my personality?” “Do I have enough room to act with my entire personality on my own responsibility?” Then you surely understand what appreciation can do in the workplace. In fact, appreciative relationships have a significant share in the company’s success. Gary Chapman and Paul White developed their concept, which was published in 2013. Both authors[…]

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Metapher für digitale Transformation, Megatrend Digitalisierung, gute digitale Arbeit, MINDFUL BWL freie Betriebswirte, systemisch, innovativ, substantiell, digital transformation, megatrend digitalisation

Digital transformation and digitalisation

What is behind the megatrend digitisation and digital transformation? The megatrend digital transformation and digitalisation are changing the world from scratch. The production of goods and services is changing dramatically. On the one hand, it is the extent to which automated processes, intelligent algorithms or self-learning systems are spreading. On the other hand, it is the breathtaking speed in which this change takes place. Moreover, digital transformation causes an unprecedented scope of interferences in the economy. The megatrend digitisation transforms business models, working systems as well as our social coexistence. According to the rules of the digital economy, data wealth and direct customer access are more than just a perfect product. Especially data are the raw material of the 21st[…]

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Business Coaching

How can business coaching operate in value-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? As a personnel development tool, business coaching is very much en vogue. Because coaching closes the often-described gap between training results and the transfer of the newly acquired knowledge into practice. There are two conditions for effective business coaching: First, it requires a certain understanding of the process in order to create value. This means, for example, making changes is worthwhile or clients freely choose the best solutions. Secondly, a certain attitude of the business coach is needed in order to create sufficient cooperation with clients. Once it is clear that e.g. there is a positive intention behind every behavior or resistance is worthy and competent feedback from[…]

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Intelligent premium nutrition concept and healthy food

Healthy nutrition concerns us all As industry insiders and Metabolic Balance caregivers, we believe that it needs people who take ownership of their healthy food again. A intelligent premium nutrition concept and healthy food will help you a lot. We all have it in our own hands: diversity instead of monotony, careful food intake instead of fast consumption, local production instead of assembly line. Behind this is the insight that organic farming, craft in food production and a healthy environment are the prerequisites for tasty and healthy food. Moreover, we live in times of climate change, increasingly scarce natural resources and the loss of biodiversity. That’s why more and more consumers want to know where and how their food is[…]

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Wingwave® coaching concept: perform outstandingly

The wingwave® coaching concept is aimed at people who want to perform outstandingly in demanding performance situations. Both an entrepreneur as well as a manager, or an exam candidate benefit from this short-term coaching concept. Essentially, the wingwave® method provides you with an instrument that strengthens your health and quality of life. You achieve this through stress management, relaxation and creative ability. Hence, you find your personal performance balance despite demanding challenges. In a nutshell, the short-term coaching concept of wingwave® provides three key starting points for pinpoint interventions: Resource coaching (consciously activating power sources) Belief coaching (constructive handling of limiting beliefs) Know-how coaching (constructive handling of e.g. energy guzzlers, power blocks or top-rate performance stress) Precise, scientifically proven interventions[…]

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Zugvögel im Flug für Achtsamkeit, Mindfulness und Mindful BWL und Prozessverlauf im System, cross-context process flow

Cross-context process flow nourishes the work system

First section in the context-overlapping process flow At the beginning of the process flow, we analyse cross-context human and economic aspects of work systems in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This creates a connection between the “soft” and the “hard” factors of the analysis. This holistic approach is a special feature of our business service. Second section in the contextual process flow In the subsequent dialogue at eye level with key stakeholders, innovative change is initiated. As a result, the thoughts and actions of the participants are aligned in a common direction. This makes a significant contribution to increasing productivity throughout the work system. Because the participants pull together – in the same direction. The action recommendations generated from the[…]

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ein gesundes Arbeitssystem, MINDFUL BWL, komplizierte und komplexe Umfeldbedingungen, kontextübergreifende Prozesse und Prozessverlauf im System, self-regulating work systems

Self-regulating work systems

Healthy work systems The connection between humanity and economy is the basis for healthy self-regulating work systems. The special feature of our systemic business consulting is that the process of connecting people and economy succeeds. We achieve this through a mindful attitude in the dialogue, so that the parties experience a fair and partnership relationship. We also promote mental and physical health in the workplace. In addition, we are very interested in the resources of each individual. Therefore, all participants are usually extremely satisfied with the result. Innovative ability to transform and act A healthy work system is the basis for an innovative ability to transform and act. This process section opens an access to the creative energy. Then, we[…]

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