Cross-context process flow nourishes the work system

First section in the context-overlapping process flow

At the beginning of the process flow, we analyse cross-context human and economic aspects of work systems in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This creates a connection between the “soft” and the “hard” factors of the analysis. This holistic approach is a special feature of our business service.

Second section in the contextual process flow

In the subsequent dialogue at eye level with key stakeholders, innovative change is initiated. As a result, the thoughts and actions of the participants are aligned in a common direction. This makes a significant contribution to increasing productivity throughout the work system. Because the participants pull together – in the same direction. The action recommendations generated from the process are the basis for healthy growth.


Third section in the cross-context process flow

As the process progresses, we use, promote and convey the knowledge of modern work systems, i.e. for the participants, the influence on innovation and growth becomes apparent. The goal is for self-directed groups to take responsibility for the implementation of the measures identified as suitable. This results in an outcome that is usually extremely satisfying for everyone involved.

ein gesundes Arbeitssystem, MINDFUL BWL, komplizierte und komplexe Umfeldbedingungen, kontextübergreifende Prozesse und Prozessverlauf im System


It pays off to invest resources in exploring the “whole elephant”. Because the new information coming into the consciousness is particularly valuable for the cooperation. The pleasing consequence is that the exceptional satisfaction of those involved is reflected in outstanding productivity and creativity of the work system.

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