Wingwave® coaching concept: perform outstandingly

The wingwave® coaching concept is aimed at people who want to perform outstandingly in demanding performance situations. Both an entrepreneur as well as a manager, or an exam candidate benefit from this short-term coaching concept.

Essentially, the wingwave® method provides you with an instrument that strengthens your health and quality of life. You achieve this through stress management, relaxation and creative ability. Hence, you find your personal performance balance despite demanding challenges.

In a nutshell, the short-term coaching concept of wingwave® provides three key starting points for pinpoint interventions:

  • Resource coaching (consciously activating power sources)
  • Belief coaching (constructive handling of limiting beliefs)
  • Know-how coaching (constructive handling of e.g. energy guzzlers, power blocks or top-rate performance stress)

Precise, scientifically proven interventions with the wingwave® method

The flapping wings of a butterfly here with us – according to chaos theory – can change the weather in remote areas. Such a powerful effect by a tiny force can only succeed, if the wing beat occurs precise in the right time and place. Accordingly, the first part of the word “wing” stands for pinpoint method use. Furthermore, the second part of the word derives from the English term “brainwave”, i.e brainstorm or brilliant idea. Short-term coaching by wingwave® works. Let yourself be inspired by your very own powerful target energy and your personal emotional balance.

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The wingwave® coaching concept includes a myostatic test. This is a muscle test that clearly indicates physical reaction. Such muscle feedback ensures that appropriate impulses for the path to your target are found precisely. Because like a compass, the myostatic test leads through the coaching process and serves as a topic finder. The coach carefully follows the systematic of a special statement tree. As a result, the coach filters out hidden stress and wisdom granules within clients systems with astonishing safety.

In several university studies proved both the usefulness of the myostatic test and the effectiveness of the wingwave® method. In concrete terms, a study carried out by Professor Marie Louise Dierks at the Hanover Medical School from 2006 to 2008 showed interesting differences: previously perceived occurrence stress changed into a joy of performance. Because the study participants of the group “wingwave-pur” experienced increased positive emotions such as determination, joyful anticipation and fun in the context of the performance. Moreover, the sustainability of the intervention was statistically significantly confirmed by a survey four months after the intervention.

wingwave®-Coaching-Konzept, Herausragendes Leisten, wingwave®-Methode, wingwave®-Intervention, Belief-Coaching, Know-how-Coaching, Ressourcen-Coaching, Glaubenssätze

About wingwave® coaching.

Resource coaching – are you able to consciously activate your personal sources of power?

Every person has experienced many powerful, happy or lively moments in life. Such moments are precious resources that provide each of us with a source of positive emotions.

In resource coaching, you benefit from the conscious activation of your personal sources of power. Because each person can retrieve these sources of power in a targeted way. If your access seems to be lost in certain situations or contexts, then the coaching will help you. In future events you are going to be in perfect contact with your useful positiv emotions. Which resource do you need for a particularly challenging situation, e.g. stressful situations in the work environment, including team conflicts, disputes with business clients, or setbacks on your way? Serenity, courage, humor, patience, alertness or responsiveness? With the help of the wingwave® method you have the opportunity to proactively decide in which condition you go into an impending situation.

In this way, you will be able to create a positive impact on your environment, especially in the area of ​​interpersonal communication. You actively shape your environment by addressing things in your optimal performance balance. Because excessively stressful or too sparse emotions endanger your balance on your way to the goal.

Belief coaching – limiting yourself from time to time?

In belief coaching, you benefit from the constructive handling of your limiting beliefs, e.g. “I am incapable”. You deal with your deep-seated beliefs that you have learned and firmly stored as personal experience in the course of your life. Such unconscious presumptions about the functioning of the world are usually not checked because they are subjectively true. On the one hand, your helpful inner sentences (for example, “I can learn from it” or “I can choose who I trust”) have been supporting you in your actions for years. On the other hand, you are certainly not free from limiting beliefs (such as “I did something wrong” or “I can not trust anyone”). They might unbalance you in certain situations.

In contrast, your performance balance gives you all the power you need to reach your goals. The wingwave® coaching helps you build an emotionally stable “base of belief”, which will allow you to withstand the most challenging situations of mental stress.

Your limiting beliefs usually deceive an inner, subjective truth that has its origin in an earlier episode of your life, but is no longer valid today. You are going to transform these irrational beliefs into helpful ones using the wingwave® method, e.i. useful sentences that leave you enough space for conscious initiative. As a result, you stop deceiving yourself. Hence, you realise your plans and goals and find into your optimal performance balance.

Wingwave® know-how coaching – suffering from top-rate performance stress

With the wingwave® know-how coaching you gain the necessary background knowledge to walk your path safely step by step. Because achievement of goals often depends less on will power, rather than knowledge of mental situations and solutions to the goal.

The term “arousal” refers to the general activation level in the nervous system. With moderate activation in the nervous system, you will feel a pleasant blend of wakefulness and serenity. If the “arousal” is too low, you will make a depressed or “low-power” impression on your environment. In contrast, a too high “arousal” in the nervous system is recognised in another ways: people are tense, easily irritable, are “too-hyped-up”, which is often confused in management circles with dynamic. As a result, in the condition of a too high “arousal”, you are more likely to over-respond to harmless events. Moreover, the activation level in the nervous system continues to increase.

In the previous paragraph, you have recognised the importance of constructive interaction with, for example, energy absorbers, power blockages or top-rate performance stress. Otherwise, you will fall into a tense, easily irritable state, which is accompanied by a high “arousal”. On the other hand, the nervous system in good condition can give all energy pleasantly fluent in the daily work. By the way, sufficient and restorative sleep is often the most valuable remedy against the emergence of an excessive “arousal”.

Conclusion to the wingwave® coaching concept

With the wingwave® coaching concept, you have a scientifically sound method for controlling your optimal performance balance.

Regulation of traces of performance and peak performance stress is just as important as a purposeful emotional enhancement of your personal resources and creativity in emotion coaching. The deterrent effect of the method paves the way for you to strengthen your capacity, your self-confidence and your inner balance – especially, when the complex challenges of the world demand your full attention.

We wish you a fascinating encounter with the wingwave® coaching concept to achieve your professional goals. Of course, this article does not replace “live” coaching, but you do know how the method

a) helps you to address your individual sources of power and

b) brings you into your optimal performance balance.

Are you an entrepreneur, manager or exam candidate? Would you like to try wingwave®? Then confidentially contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

wingwave®-Coaching-Konzept, Herausragendes Leisten, wingwave®-Methode, wingwave®-Intervention, Belief-Coaching, Know-how-Coaching, Ressourcen-Coaching, Glaubenssätze