Frank Eckhoff – mindful business economist

From the biography of Frank Eckhoff

Personal statement

Business by Frank Eckhoff with heart, hand & mind. This is very important to me. That’s why I focus my attention on the resources of my clients, new perspectives and realistic results.

With my mindful, systemic way of working described above, I accompany my clients to create sustainable and appropriate solutions on their way. So I help you find your optimal performance balance.

MINDFUL BWL Freie Betriebswirte, Frank Eckhoff, Achtsamkeit, Mindful Business, Business mit Herz, Hand und Verstand, Master of Arts Entrepreneurship, Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), Business Coach

I am here for you.

Numbers, strategies and people are my passion: with my prudent and reliable way I succeed in many good things.

Coordination, structure and communication are my talents: my actions are independent – my precise interventions generate maximum benefit.

Success stories / references

Work experience

Management Consultant & Business Coach (MINDFUL BWL® Free Business Economist )

Corporate Account Manager in the Agriculture & Food Industry segment (Bayerische Landesbank Group)

Business start-up consultant for regional economy (Hamburger Sparkasse AG)

Credit Adviser for Rural Regions (Co-Operative Banks)

University education

Master of Arts Entrepreneurship (2009)

Diploma in Business Administration specializing in Banking (2004)

Certificates / additional qualification

Nutritionist by Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance – how the original works

Wingwave® Coach (Besser Sigmund Institute)

How does wingwave Coaching work?

Systemic Personal and Business Coach (ECA)

Corporate Account Manager (Academy of German Co-Operative Banks)

Bank Specialist (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Coaching experience

> 200 hours of personal and business coaching

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Mentor for the Berlin based project Start-Up Your Future

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And otherwise …

Lecturer Human Resources Management & Leadership with the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT)