Public funders support your business by subsidies

Subsidies by public funders help you with the financing. Because, securing a public subsidy or obtaining subsidies from public financiers makes sense. Hence, it is an important contribution to securing low-interest external financing.

We are happy to assist you in all matters concerning cooperation with public partners. You benefit from subsidised funding or special public funding for your investment projects.

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Financing for companies by public funders

How do you get through the “funding jungle”? Which promotion suits the company?

On the one hand, there is a veritable jungle of funding opportunities. At the same time public facilities can help you. First of all in Berlin, Berlin Partner. Moreover other institutions, e.g. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin (IHK Berlin), will be glad to help you, as well. Because you need detailed information on the promotion offers and project promoters at state, federal and EU level.

On the other hand, your financing should suit the company. After all, it does matter which phase of corporate development you are in right now. The range of financial incentives varies from public loans, guarantees and equity to direct grants for investment or innovation projects.

Public Funders fulfill an important order

How can I get information directly? Who decides on the awarding of grants to companies (SMEs)?

Public development banks have the task of supporting a dynamic development in the economy. In addition, they perform a steering function, i.e. money is allocated in politically desired uses. Because the incentive by cheap money from the state facilitates the investment.

In this field, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is a key player for low-interest loans throughout Germany. For example, this bank manages the ERP Special Fund (European Recovery Program), which is used for the allocation of certain program loans.

In addition, Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) is a partner for the Berlin region. You benefit from a favorable financing or special offers in Berlin.