Our mission – connect mindfulness to business

Our mission, i.e. the operational assignment to create a benefit for the customer, shows the contribution we want to make.

The free business economists of MINDFUL BWL® are committed to value-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, because we see ourselves as part of this community of values.

Our mission – the core

Creating sustainable growth!

Organising financial sources!

Designing a future-oriented personnel policy – provide employee valued jobs!

Financial and human resources – Personnel (HR) and Finance!

Our mission – with pleasure at work

We would like to give our customers a benefit and help shape a work system. On the one hand, our mission is to finance, i. e. we organise low-interest financing. On the other hand, we design a future-oriented personnel policy, i.e. above all, we bring mindfulness and compassion into the work system as part of a value-based corporate culture.

Glühbirne mit heranwachsender Pflanze in fruchtbarem Boden als Metapher für unsere Mission, über uns, Energie, Wärme, Kreativität, Ideenreichtum, Mitgefühl, Frank Eckhoff
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Our desire for work begins where we use our expert knowledge and methodological expertise strategically use to create value. In this interplay of know-how and inner attitude, we achieve outstanding economic success.

We look forward to sharing with you.

We are happy to provide you with our business knowledge and practical experience.

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