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Zugvögel im Flug für Achtsamkeit, Mindfulness und Mindful BWL und Prozessverlauf im System, cross-context process flow

Cross-context process flow nourishes the work system

First section in the context-overlapping process flow At the beginning of the process flow, we analyse cross-context human and economic aspects of work systems in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This creates a connection between the “soft” and the “hard” factors of the analysis. This holistic approach is a special feature of our business service. Second section in the contextual process flow In the subsequent dialogue at eye level with key stakeholders, innovative change is initiated. As a result, the thoughts and actions of the participants are aligned in a common direction. This makes a significant contribution to increasing productivity throughout the work system. Because the participants pull together – in the same direction. The action recommendations generated from the[…]

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