Self-regulating work systems

Healthy work systems

The connection between humanity and economy is the basis for healthy self-regulating work systems.

The special feature of our systemic business consulting is that the process of connecting people and economy succeeds. We achieve this through a mindful attitude in the dialogue, so that the parties experience a fair and partnership relationship. We also promote mental and physical health in the workplace. In addition, we are very interested in the resources of each individual. Therefore, all participants are usually extremely satisfied with the result.

Innovative ability to transform and act

A healthy work system is the basis for an innovative ability to transform and act.

This process section opens an access to the creative energy. Then, we take it further to a space for new ideas and impulses, which we systemically move and negotiate. In the systemic sequence, people often even feel a desire for the upcoming change. Thus, the company finds a coherent, economically meaningful orientation, which makes the people in the company a competitive advantage. Strengthened with such means, the company is getting fit and well equipped for the future.

Healthy growth by self-regulating work systems

Innovative ability to transform and act is the basis for growth and economic success.

If adaptation to complicated and complex environmental conditions (for example digitalisation, new competitors in the home market, new customer requirements) succeeds, this is reflected in the economic results. Due to the involvement of important stakeholders in the process, energy-efficient work is possible without great friction losses. That’s why self-directed groups remain a key success factor in the long run.

Zugvögel im Flug für Achtsamkeit, Mindfulness und Mindful BWL


In self-regulating work systems the potential of each individual is developed. This is done in a respectful and resource-appreciative way. As a result, the apparent contradiction between humanity and economic success dissolves.

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