Human resource management by systemic means

Designing a future-oriented Human Resource Management – provide employee valued jobs!

How do you consciously shape the digital transformation and engage your employees intelligently?

One focus of systemic business consulting for value-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is the topic of Human Resource Management (HRM).

Most importantly, this has the following reason: The personnel management in small and medium-sized companies is of outstanding importance in view of the demographic change. Nevertheless, especially in SMEs the resources are limited to meet the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

In short, we help you in personnel management by means of modern personnel policy …

Grüne Pflanzen in fruchtbarem Boden die mit Wasser begossen werden als Metapher für gesundes Personalmanagement, Personalführung, Gärtner, Wissen & Kompetenzen, Fürsorge, Entwicklung, Gesundheit
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Therefore, you are going to participate in our expertise from different processes of change that we have led with a compassionate attitude to economic success.

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Content of our systemic management consultancy with focus on human resource management

What can you do for the work satisfaction and motivation of your employees?

Important aspects of suitable personnel management are, in particular, personnel planning, personnel requirements coverage, mindful leadership, personnel development, compensation design and personnel administration.

The typical failures in Human Resource Management (HRM) include e.g.:

  • undifferentiated search and unsuitable approach (ad texts, media selection) of potential employees
  • too little flexibility with regard to the applicant’s wishes (salary expectations, flexible working hours, telework etc.)
  • inadequate staff management/ leadership
  • too little career opportunities within the company
  • no contemporary corporate identity for Retention Management (no social and / or ecological commitment).

Human resource management consultancy – Types and Topics

Are you already first choice employer among your target group?

In systemic business consulting, we clarify which suitable options your company has when it comes to recruiting and “maintaining” your staff. Our previous experiences in staff management focus on the following topics:

  • recruitment process
  • youth development
  • employee participation
  • personnel development
  • personnel costs / remuneration / compensation
  • mindful leadership

As a result, you increase your attractiveness as an employer. This will give you new potential for your personnel policy. In addition, the job satisfaction and motivation of your employees increases. Thus, your investment is worth it several times.

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