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New Work symbolisiert durch einen Seevogel, der sich von einer Kette löst: Agilität, Empowerment oder Holokratie. New Work symbolizes a seabird that breaks free from a chain: agility, empowerment or holocracy.

New Work – Agility, Empowerment or Holocracy?

New Work is the answer to many challenges of tomorrow’s working world How do we want to work in tomorrow’s digital world? How can we keep up with an ever increasing dynamic of change? New Work shapes tomorrow’s working world according to new principles, which open spaces for mindful and effective collaboration. So, in the future, think outside of rigid organisational diagram and silos. Instead, we implement agile and project-based forms of organisation, e.g. holocracy or sociocracy. Such forms of cooperation organise work, not people. At the same time, they distribute authority and use e.g. collective intelligence of communities. This will make tomorrow’s working world more democratic, more human and, in many ways, more adaptable. In order to let something[…]

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