Rahel Otto – business economist & coach

From the biography of Rahel Otto

Personal statement

In everyday business I – Rahel Otto – walk the talk. Hence, I use my courage to make decisions, give appreciation and behave goal orientated. In addition, I see the identification of employees with the corporate culture as the basis for a successful company.

Moreover, loyalty and transparency are important components for successful cooperation. Therefore, we should absolutely live the promises of the corporate culture that we give to the outside world.

Rahel Roscher, MINDFUL BWL, freie Betriebswirte, Betriebswirtschaft, systemisch. innovativ. substantiell.

How can I help you?

Figures, data, statistics, and creating concepts are just as important to me as working with people. My biggest passion is the combination of theory and practice. So I regularly succeed in transforming the relevant theoretical knowledge into a practical customer benefit.

Work experience of Rahel Otto

Business Consultant & Coach (MINDFUL BWL® Free Business Economist)

Specialist and communication trainer ()

Account Manager ()

Employee in Destination Management for Municipal Tourism (Große Kreisstadt Annaberg-Buchholz)

Higher education qualification

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Certificates / additional qualification

Training course “Train the Trainer” (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin)

Quality Coach (Service Quality Germany Level 1)

Instructor’s certificate according to the Instructor’s Fitness Ordinance (Chamber of Commerce)

And otherwise …